Your New Kitchen Look: Easy & Affordable

Kitchen CleaningNew England style kitchens are quite hip at the moment, and their worn even Spartan designs are quite attractive to many people. With all the trendy terms and catchy phrases describing the New England style kitchen, one might think they are in for the most expensive, high fashion kitchen remodelling project ever. In fact, a New England kitchen look is easily attainable and very affordable – chances are you have some of the items and materials in your home already.
A non-busy kitchen design such as this one, will also be much easier in terms of cleaning maintenance. Over the top, cluttered kitchen designs are a nightmare when it comes to proper cleaning – a problem that you won’t have in this case. The kitchen coastal accenting should begin with a choice of colour for walls and other large surfaces around the kitchen. Designers advise to stick to what’s called an American colour palette of blue and white, with a few hints of red or yellow. This will keep the kitchen spacious and allow for plenty of light to bounce of walls and surfaces.
Kitchen CleaningWicker is one of the materials of choice in the New England kitchen. Consider a wicker light shade for your main light source, it would be good to have a ceiling mounted kitchen light fixture. Similar lantern style pendants will also work for kitchen this design. Thick stripes are another trademark design feature of the New England Kitchen. Striped rugs, or kitchen towels hanging in view, are a good way to bring stripes into the design and make them one of the subtle accents in the kitchen. A New England style kitchen is about being in touch with the sea, so use a couple of masonry jars and fill them with sand, sea shells etc.
Finish your designs with a couple of white candles placed inside the jars. This particular kitchen style is about rough, natural beauty. In this line of thought, use reclaimed or repurposed wood for cabinetry and shelving throughout the kitchen. Weathered wood will look brilliant in combination with the rest of your New England kitchen. The aim is to get that beach-worn look in the kitchen, without making it too country-like. Complete the design with a piece of nautical rope, arranged in one of the larger jars, wrapping the rope inside our outside a jar will make for a stylish knife or cutlery stand.