Window Cleaning

windowcleaningWindows don’t get cleaned too often but when you do want them cleaned you want it done properly and without costing you an arm and a leg. Many people do their own window cleaning only to realise how tedious, labourious and time consuming this chore really is, and in many cases the effort and resources people invest in window cleaning doesn’t necessarily correspond to the results.
Keep in mind that window cleaning can also be a dangerous task as some windows are quite high off the ground and cleaning them properly is a serious challenge. If you want to take the guess work out of window cleaning and still get the job done safely and efficiently we can offer you our professional window cleaning service as the better alternative. We will send you a team of properly trained, sufficiently equipped cleaning technicians that will make window cleaning seem as easy as child’s play. They are properly trained and will take all precautions to avoid damage to windows and themselves.
All work will be done using professional grade cleaning equipment and materials as we want to give you top qualitycleaning experience and results that are worth every penny. Please keep in mind that windows above certain height will not be part of the cleaning session as safety of people comes first, we appreciate your understanding on this one.
window-cleaning Since professional window cleaning is a technical task and we want to give you the best possible quote, please be sure to inform our consultants of all the applicable details concerning the job such as type and number of windows, height of the windows and if there are any special considerations to be taken into account. Each window cleaning job is quoted individually in order to keep the figures fair and reflective of the amount of work to be done. The service is available for booking seven days a week with flexible or extended appointment hours in order to make it more convenient for customers.