Why Professional Tenancy Cleaning is The Better Option

Tenancy CleaningMany vacating tenants would be tempted to save some money from their end of tenancy cleaning obligations and try to deal with the entire rental property cleaning process on their own. Although this might seem like a good idea at the time, it isn’t. Trying to deal with full scale rental property cleaning on your own, will in fact cost you more money, time and effort than using professional end of tenancy cleaning services.
First of all, one needs to consider the scale of the cleaning task at hand. Even a two bedroom property can take a good three days to clean properly on your own. Do you have the option to take three days off work in order to clean the rental you are moving out of? Didn’t think so. Second of all, even if you did have the option to clean for days on end, instead of go to work, you would have to spend a decent amount of money on expensive cleaning products and materials required for the job.
Dishwashing liquid and wet wipes just won’t cut in this case. If you had decided to use professional end of tenancy cleaning, the cleaning teams would have arrived fully equipped with all the necessary materials and products for the job – thus saving you money and time from unnecessary purchases. Ok, even if you had a full stack of top grade cleaning products and materials, and had a whole week off work, there is still one thing which stands in your way – and that is the requirement to present your landlord or letting agent with a valid receipt or an invoice for cleaning services performed.
Tenancy CleaningIf you were to check out some of the small print in your rental agreement, you will likely come across this particular requirement. More so, landlords and letting agents usually have compiled a special end of tenancy cleaning checklist which outlines all cleaning requirements and clearly states the level of hygiene expected and required in each room of the property. This automatically rules out doing the cleaning on your own. Furthermore, if landlords or letting agents don’t see proof of professional tenancy cleaning services they will more than likely retain some or the entire rental deposit which tenants are due to receive upon vacating the rental. So, don’t risk your rental deposit – use professional end of tenancy cleaning services, and get your money back!