Upgraded Cleaning Supplies – Simple Innovations – Big Benefits

Cleaning LondonThere are many avid home cleaners out there who like to keep their home as clean and neat as possible at all times. No matter how keen one is on house cleaning though, the process itself takes time, effort and resources. Obviously, cleaning products, materials and supplies have come a long way since the brush and soap as manufacturing companies are looking to make cleaning more efficient and life easier for all people.
Sometimes, small upgrades to frequently used cleaning tools can make all the difference. One manufacturer has taken the time and effort to review and revise many of the cleaning equipment pieces commonly found in the average home. Take for example cleaning brushes. There are different types and sizes of cleaning brushes, some of them have soft, and others have rough bristles. Though up to now, there hasn’t been a high precision brush which allows for fast paced yet effective cleaning of smaller items and areas of the toilet or bathroom for example. A new angled bristle and handle design brush was recently released on the market. Specially curved handle, combined with specifically aligned bristles allow for removal of stubborn dirt and grime from all sorts of places.
Cleaning LondonShort and long bristle scrubbing brushes are nothing new, though a brush that switches between short and long bristles is something quite innovative. A new brush design by the same manufacturer, can switch between the softer long bristles, and the shorter hard bristles by pushing down the specially designed handle. This allows for more versatility and higher precision cleaning of different surfaces and materials. Next up is the upturned bristles toilet bowl brush. This piece of cleaning equipment is pure genius. This toilet brush cleans around and on top of itself. Running a conventional brush alongside the rim of the toilet will not clean under the rim, but a brush with a set of upturned bristles will do so. The brush will reduce cleaning time and allow for longer lasting hygiene.
Another great piece of equipment is the twin blade squeegee. The squeegee looks practically the same as a regular one, though there are two soft, flexible blades able to curve around bathroom and toilet features quite easily.
The twin blade squeegee also makes use of an improved handle and grip system which keeps the tool firmly on the surface without applying too much manual pressure – suitable for glass surfaces.