The Next Generation of Carpet Cleaning Systems

Carpet Cleaning LondonProfessional carpet cleaning has proven to be the only effective way to maintain proper hygiene throughout the depth of the carpet without damaging its appearance or characteristics. Up to now, the more widely used carpet cleaning method was steam cleaning. Indeed, steam cleaning is highly effective and provides for good level of lasting hygiene. Perhaps a downside of steam cleaning is the prolonged carpet drying time, natural fibre carpets take even longer to dry out due to the thickness of their strands and the weave density of the carpet. In order to make professional carpet cleaning more efficient, innovative engineers and manufacturers have designed new carpet cleaning systems that cover those additional requirements which steam cleaning did not. Generally, the new method is referred to as dry carpet cleaning.
The newest generation of dry carpet cleaning systems is called dry foam carpet cleaning. Up to now, dry carpet cleaning systems, or as they are known in the industry low-moisture cleaning systems were good at reducing drying time, but they lacked the same extraction capacity as steam cleaning systems. Extraction capacity is used to measure the amount of hard particles and cleaning product, removed from between strands of the carpet during cleaning. Basically, the new dry foam carpet cleaning system gives best of both worlds – a reduced drying time, and high extraction capacity. For contractors, this means higher cost efficiency and reduced labour costs. For service customers this means lower cleaning prices and fewer interruptions to foot traffic in the areas being cleaned.
Carpet Cleaning LondonGiven the ambient temperature and relative humidity inside the premises are within normal limits, the drying time of carpets cleaned using dry foam should gravitate between thirty and forty minutes. Supporters of classic steam carpet cleaning methods argue that hot water extraction (application of steam cleaning systems) is the more effective way as it gives nearly a hundred percent extraction level. This is only five percent more than dry foam cleaning, which allows for much shorter drying time. Even if extraction level of the dry foam cleaning system is not at hundred percent, its application allows for a massive increase in carpets’ soiling resistance.
Independent, third party product testing has shown that foam dry cleaning systems allow the carpet to remain unsoiled for two and half times longer than conventional cleaning methods. The application of dry foam cleaning systems will allow for longer intervals between carpet cleaning sessions.