The Dirtiest Places in Your Kitchen

Kitchen CleaningThere are two types of kitchens – the ones which see a lot of regular cleaning, and the ones which don’t. No matter how much or how little cleaning attention you pay to your kitchen, it pays off to know which, and where are the dirtiest spots in the average kitchen. Who knows, you might even start cleaning the kitchen every once in a while if you know where the real problems are. If there is a better chance of hell freezing over than you doing kitchen cleaning then don’t worry about learning the tricks of the trade, but consider using professional cleaning assistance.
Most of the specialised cleaning service providers in London will make kitchen cleaning look like child’s play and leave you with money to spare. However, if you do want to learn some kitchen cleaning tricks, here is some info which might come in handy. Perhaps the dirtiest spot in the kitchen (apart from the rubbish bin) is the kitchen sink. The sink is like the breeding ground for germs, bacteria and pathogens. Most people don’t pay too much attention to the kitchen sink – as long as it looks decent enough, then it should be clean enough. Not quite so – regular disinfection of the sink and rinse basin is absolutely necessary. Keeping the kitchen sink sanitised and bacteria-free will limit spreading and exposure to dangerous pathogens.
Kitchen CleaningThe biggest culprits when it comes to kitchen sink hygiene are meat and veggies so wash the sink thoroughly after preparing, washing or cutting any meat or veggies. The same applies if you have a habit of washing your pet’s water or food bowl at the kitchen sink. Items around the kitchen sink which are dirty as anything are the sponge, dish rag and the dish brush – change those regularly, it is cheap and easy. Usually your hands are also to blame for spreading of germs and bacteria around the kitchen. Imagine handling raw meat or poultry, then cracking an egg, then doing some cooking and preparing food.
Dear you, the germs are all over the place – wash your hands after handling meat and poultry, or unwashed farm produce as these are the biggest food hygiene violators. If you use professional house cleaning services, next time you receive the cleaners ask them for advice on how to improve hygiene habits in the kitchen – London domestic cleaners will be happy to advise you.