Tenancy Cleaning – What You Need To Know

Most vacating tenants have the compulsory requirement to arrange a professional end of tenancy cleaning for the rental they are moving out of. If there is someone out there who is entertaining the thought of doing the end of tenancy cleaning by themselves, should stop right there and scrap the idea, as landlords and letting agents are quite explicit in their requirements to have the cleaning done by qualified cleaning professionals, as nothing else will suffice.
End of TenancyMore so, attempting to do the tenancy cleaning on your own will not actually save you money because failing to meet the landlord’s cleaning requirements will prevent you from receiving your rental deposit back in full – which is no good. On the same note, vacating tenants will be required to present the landlord or letting agent acting on their behalf with a valid receipt or an invoice for cleaning services performed, and such paperwork can only be provided by a professional cleaning company. If this is the first time you have had to vacate a rental property things can seem pretty confusing and hectic at times. However, you can easily keep track of the situation as there are only a few issues to consider.
End of TenancyAfter the cleaning technicians have performed and completed the end of tenancy cleaning service, the rental estate will be subjected to a detailed landlord inspection, also known as final property inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to verify that A, everything is in order, and nothing is missing or damaged, and B, to ensure that the entire rental property has been cleaned professionally to the best possible finish. Obviously, reasonable amounts of usual and expected wear and tear, sustained during everyday use cannot, and should not be considered as damage. If the professional end of tenancy cleaning had been performed as per the instructions stated in the tenancy cleaning checklist made available by your landlord, then you have nothing to worry about really.
Before the inspection you can review the state and hygiene of heavy duty rooms and areas of the property like the toilet, the bathroom and the kitchen as these will be under lots of scrutiny during the final inspection. It is very unlikely for the cleaning teams to have missed something, but for your peace of mind take a look around and check if everything is cleaned properly, things should be smooth sailing from then on.