Storage and Hygiene Solutions For the Pantry

Pantry CleaningThe pantry is an essential part of the average kitchen. The pantry stores all non-refrigerated food supplies you have at home, which means this humble cabinet must be kept clean and sanitised at all times, and properly organised too. A messy, sticky and dirty pantry is no good, neither is a pantry which is in total disarray and products are all over the place. If the pantry has gone rogue, then you need to act timely and properly, and restore order and cleanliness in this important kitchen cabinet. If you use specialised cleaning services, by all means have the cleaners clean out the pantry and rearrange it properly.
Most of the professional domestic cleaners in London can provide you with useful tips on proper food storage and means for keeping the pantry organised and neat. Should you be cleaning out the pantry on your own, do the following – take all products out of there, not just the small cans and boxes, but every single thing, until you see the back of the cabinet. Review all food supplies – check their expiry date, check their packaging integrity and get rid of anything that shouldn’t be there – storing unnecessary food supplies is inefficient and uneconomical, plus you might accidentally cook them in one of your dishes which is bad news for everyone.
Pantry CleaningClean and disinfect the pantry thoroughly, this is very important so take your time and try not to cut corners. Check the inside of the pantry cabinet for traces of insect or rodent infestation, even if there are no such signs on any of your food stuffs. Again, if you don’t want to deal with kitchen cleaning chores then by all means let the professionals do those for you. Specialised house cleaners in London will have your pantry and your entire kitchen clean and ready for use in just hours.
Now that the pantry is properly cleaned, you can move onto arranging it and putting everything in place. At the very back place products which have long to go before expiry, products with shorter lifespan should be nearer the front, where handy and easily accessible. Food supplies and products you use more frequently should also be easily accessible. Make use of products which are nearing their expiry date – cook them that day, or the day after. Letting food expire is a wasteful practice, and you should pull the handbrake on it.