Steam Cleaning or Dry Cleaning?

Steam CleaningThere seems to be somewhat of a debate over which is better and more effective – steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Before shedding some light on the matter, it must be duly noted that although these two cleaning methods are spoken of, and referred to as alternatives to one another they are not, and their use and application varies greatly depending on the fabric, material or finish which needs cleaning. If you are looking for efficient and affordable specialised cleaning in London, take the time to find out which type of cleaning you actually require, and take it from there. When it comes to steam cleaning London based cleaning companies can provide you with quality and safe cleaning service without excess costs.
The situation is pretty much the same with dry cleaning London cleaning professionals however consider dry cleaning to be a relatively newer cleaning method, which can be applied to certain materials and fabrics but not to others. So, which type of cleaning method is better and more effective? Steam cleaning can be applied to most fabrics and materials. Steam cleaning is successfully used in cleaning both natural and synthetic fibre carpets in homes and offices. Steam cleaning is also a good way to clean more delicate fabrics and materials like upholsteries, curtains and certain sofa finishes which are able to withstand the temperature and moisture of steam.
Dry CleaningProfessional mattress cleaning in most cases is also performed using steam cleaning equipment. Dry cleaning however is more specific and serves as the safer and less aggressive alternative to steam cleaning. Usually dry cleaning is reserved for materials, fabrics and finishes which don’t handle moisture or high temperature too well. In the case of professional curtain cleaning, dry cleaning is referred to as a restorative cleaning process. When dry cleaning methods are applied to carpets, there are certain benefits like less mechanical contact between equipment and the carpet itself, and the significantly reduced drying time of the carpet. It could be argued, that steam cleaning is better in terms of removal and eradication of bacteria, spores and funguses as these have no chance against high temperature steam.
Having said that, dry cleaning on the other hand will prove to be more sparing and prolong the life of certain materials and fabrics. If you’re still not sure which is your type of cleaning London cleaning professionals will be happy to advise you.