Spring Cleaning – Does it Work with Other Seasons Too?

Spring CleaningSpring cleaning, as the name suggests is usually a full scale property cleaning process which people do before the warmer parts of the year. Such elaborate cleaning is reserved for spring, as it usually involves cleaning the inside and outside of windows, and other exterior property features, which can be quite uncomfortable and not very effective during winter. Spring cleaning though is not strictly reserved for springtime as its name implies. One such cleaning process can be done during any season of the year, after all good indoor hygiene and sanitised living quarters are very necessary during all seasons.
Professional spring cleaning solutions are provided by most cleaning service providers throughout all months of the year. In most instances, the service takes the form of a detailed, or deep cleaning solution which still covers the entire property from top to bottom and delivers consistent results in all rooms and areas. Obviously, there is absolutely no problem to have your spring cleaning done during any summer month and still do it right. The actual spring cleaning process itself originates from the long gone Persian Empire. Back then, cleaning the house had a much more spiritual purpose rather than actual hygienic purpose. In Persian culture, spring cleaning is more cleansing of the house from bad energies and evil spirits. It was actually called spring cleaning because it took place after the Persian New Year, which also marked the start of the spring season.
Spring CleaningThe spring cleaning tradition is not only an oriental custom. In fact, the western world also practices what’s commonly known in Anglo Saxon countries, as New Year’s Cleaning, which takes place on Hogmanay – on the thirty first of December. Today, spring cleaning is synonymous with thorough, detailed cleaning of the entire house from top to bottom, no matter where one lives. Such detailed cleaning can take place during any season, as long as one is willing to put in the effort. Many people choose professional spring cleaning services as the preferred way to clean their home, although this is something more common to western society, where work and social commitments are scaled above domestic chores.
Professional spring cleaning services are also more widely used in western world, where the custom of both partners working fulltime is something expected, even required. Spring cleaning – as figure of speech also applies to a person who is getting their affairs in order.