Spring Cleaning

Since we offer the most affordable cleaning prices in the entire industry, you should consider saving even more money by adding our spring cleaning by Cleaning London Co in to your cleaning service appointment. Not only will you save yourself the time from having to do this unpleasant task yourself, but you can save money as well. We offer generous discounts when you combine spring cleaning with other services within a single service appointment.
After our spring cleaners have scoured and scrubbed your oven into like-new condition, we also clean the rest of your kitchen top-to bottom, rendering it spotless and smelling great all the way through. Our one-off cleaners clean cupboards inside and out, scour all kitchen surfaces, mop floors, and de-scale or de-lime the outside surfaces of appliances that have seen better days. As an added bonus, we’ll sanitize all food preparation surfaces. You’ll be amazed at how much better we can make your kitchen look and smell in just one visit! We will put your entire kitchen in perfect condition for your next family-sized cooking adventure!
Our combined oven and one-off discounted cleaning services may include a spring cleaning of the entire home. Why stop at the kitchen?
If you have any questions about the additional services we offer, you can always reach us 24/7 by calling on 07418 350 800. Our helpful, friendly staff will answer all of your cleaning questions, provide obligation-free estimates, or schedule service for you.
Don’t hesitate, let us whip your kitchen into shape, so you’ll feel excited about showing off your cooking skills for friends and loved ones again! Call now!