Professional Cleaners – Just How Professional Are They Really?

Any person, who has had to find and secure the services of a professional cleaning company, knows how fierce the competition amongst service providers really is. When sifting through numerous cleaning service offers, one would be bombarded with guarantees and assurances of professionalism, verifiable licensing, extensive industry expertise and what not.
Professional CleanersSo, what sets apart professional cleaners in London, from those who aren’t? In an ideal world, where everything was as it should, London cleaners would be certified by the BICS. BICS stands for British Institute for Cleaning Science, and happens to be the regulative and authoritative body of all things to do with the cleaning industry. Most well established cleaners in London are certified by the BICS and have full trade and company registration just as expected by a professional service provider. Perhaps the main type of licensing which must be obtained and held by London cleaners who run and manage their own cleaning business is COC, or the Cleaning Operators Certificate.
This particular licensing is issued by the British Institute of Cleaning Science in order to certify that a given cleaning company is in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations of the UK’s cleaning industry, and is legally able to operate as such. Specially qualified BICS instructors can visit cleaning companies for in-house training of their personnel, in order to obtain COC. Obtaining the cleaning operators proficiency certificate, should in theory make a cleaner more efficient and improve their cleaning service standards, also motivate directly individuals in the cleaning industry, and help them progress through their career path.
Professional CleanersThe COC is a multistage certificate system, consisting of many different levels. Each level or stage, when passed successfully allows a cleaner to become professionally competent in a particular cleaning method or technique. The COC also covers professional use and application power operated cleaning equipment and machinery. In order for a cleaning professional to progress through the COC stages, they need to successfully pass respective exams which are meant to test their skills, knowledge and practical understanding of their line of work. There are about fifty different stages in total, and passing all of them means that a cleaner has been trained and skilled professionally thus they are able to provide professional grade cleaning services to domestic and commercial customers. Sitting the COC exams is accompanied by an application fee, but the potential benefits outweigh the costs by far.