Prep Up Your Home For Winter

House CleaningGetting your home ready for the cold part of the year is a well worth it exercise, although it might seem unnecessary. Prepping up the house for winter will not only make living more comfortable, but also more cost efficient. So, where to begin with your prep work? First and foremost, leave house cleaning for later as you will be doing some maintenance and repair work inside the house which usually creates a bit of a mess. If you don’t do your own house cleaning, which is perfectly understandable, you should leave the chores to professional cleaners. Contrary to common belief, professional cleaning services in London are actually affordable and give you decent value for money.
During the cold part of the year, your main aim is to keep winter outside, and warmth and comfort inside. It all begins at the door, more specifically at the doormat. A good quality doormat which actually works, will scrub off moisture, mud, snow and slush off your shoes quite well and save you tons of unnecessary floor cleaning inside. Protect and preserve your home’s exterior features and extras – this usually means covering and securing outdoor furniture from exposure to bad weather. Same applies to outdoor pools.
House CleaningCertain garden features which don’t tolerate bad weather and subzero temperatures might be better off in the garage or in the shed. During winter the average home develops a clearly pronounced interior microclimate i.e. the daily cycle of heating, which tends to dry the air inside thus reducing humidity throughout the house. If you want to control air humidity indoors, but don’t have a central heating system, consider purchasing an air humidifier – they are not overly expensive, and will do a good job. Draft is a big problem for homes during winter.
Check your windows and doors, sometimes seals have dried up during summer and have lost their flexibility thus they let through some air. Gaps between door and flooring are also notorious for letting in draft. You can consider installing an additional rubber door step for better insulation. If you have everything checked and ready for winter, then move onto cleaning. A good dose of house cleaning is necessary during any season, not just in spring. You can opt for professional cleaning services as opposed to doing the clean up on your own – London house cleaning professionals will prove to be a good and affordable alternative.