Ozone Cleaning Systems

Cleaning LondonChemists and scientists engaged in the design and creation of new cleaning systems for domestic and commercial purposes have long been looking for an eco-sustainable cleaning treatment with the same high effectiveness as chemical cleaning systems. A fully comprehensive and effective cleaning system which uses nothing but natural ingredients is still in the making, but there are however fully effective antimicrobial (antibacterial) cleaning treatments which make use of ozone.
Specialised manufacturing companies say such cleaning systems are hundred percent organic as they use a specially formulated combination of ozone and water. Using these systems also allows for continuous effect of the cleaning agents over the surface or material being treated. Although liquid, these cleaning products are best applied in mist form through a pulveriser. Pulverising, and then spraying the product allows for uniform, efficient application on all types of surfaces and materials. The formula itself is stable, and will not react with metal or painted surfaces. Since this is an antibacterial or antimicrobial cleaning treatment, it is worth explaining how it works. Ozone is a natural, nontoxic gas. It has oxidising properties which in this case are used to eradicate pathogens and bacteria from all types of surfaces and materials.
Cleaning LondonThe ozone gas cleaning system is highly effective and provides for continuous protection as oxidation prevents new pathogens and bacteria from growing on the treated surface. At this stage, the ozone cleaning systems are mainly used for commercial purposes but manufacturers will be looking to implement those for domestic use as well. Ozone antibacterial cleaning systems are very effective for treatment of refrigerated environments as ozone retains its antibacterial properties even in very low temperatures, where other cleaning systems would be rendered useless. Manufacturers of ozone antibacterial systems say that their application is still at commercial level simply because production of food stuffs and edible products requires immaculate hygiene throughout the process, and an all organic cleaning system will allow for that, as it can be applied at different stages of the production.
With improvement of application methods and advancement of production, ozone cleaning systems are expected to become quite popular for domestic use as well. Having said this, some specialised cleaning companies out there, do provide ozone antibacterial cleaning treatments at the moment. The cleaning treatment is known as low pressure, ozone infused water application, in this case water is enriched with ozone and then pulverised and sprayed out.