Oven Cleaning

“Have you ever considered hiring professional oven cleaners?”

With years of professional experience and a myriad of happy customers, our professional oven and kitchen cleaning services have made our company name put a smile on people’s faces. We serve throughout London and Greater London. We proudly deliver oven cleaning and kitchen maintenance services to London commercial clients and private homeowners. We use rigorous cleaner training and carefully selected cleaning solutions and chemicals to deliver astonishing results. Our thoroughly vetted professionals have undergone extensive training courses and remain eco-friendly using only non-toxic cleaning solutions.
With these things in mind, you will be able to enjoy a clean oven or a sparkling kitchen without any effort and at a competitive price.
Our commercial and domestic cleaners are experienced and fully insured – so your kitchen or oven will be in the hands of highly trained professional cleaners.
Time is a valuable, precious thing and it’s only natural that you would like to spend yours on something more enjoyable and memorable than cleaning your oven. And since your convenience is our top priority, we are at your service all day and night, any time – you simply have to let us know when you would prefer your cleaning service to be carried out and our experienced kitchen and oven cleaners will oblige.
Would you need further information about our Oven Cleaning or Commercial kitchen cleaning services, including formal price quotations and appointment bookings, contact one of our friendly office staff on 07418 350 800. Alternately you can use our booking form to get your professional oven cleaning now.

What are the risks and problems associated with soiled/poorly maintained ovens?

A soiled/poorly maintained oven is risky:

  • It consumes more energy when the rubbery gasket is worn out.
  • The food is not well cooked as it should be. Hot air might not circulate equally inside the oven when the walls are not smooth and the ventilator is under-performing.
  • It might produce smoke and offensive fumes while burning left-over food splatters and spills during baking time. This could also present severe fire hazards.

Therefore, keeping your oven clean and well-maintained is highly important.

Eager to try cleaning your oven on your own? Here are some tips from Cleaning London Co:

  • Step 1- Follow the oven-cleaning safety instructions.

  • Step 2- Get several things ready ahead of time:
  • A powerful oven cleaner (alkaline, adhering to the oven surface and capable of removing carbon in cold action).
    A Scotch-Brite pad.
    A Plastic scrapper.
    Two pieces of cloth.

  • Step 3- Let’s start cleaning the oven:
  • Place a cloth or paper towel on the floor underneath the oven. It can get messy later on.
    Remove oven trays, racks and rack supports and place them in the sink. Use a plastic scraper (to prevent scratches) and a Scotch-Brite pad to remove food leftovers. Cover them with the oven cleaner and leave in the sink.
    Use the scrapper and the Scotch-Brite to remove food leftovers from the oven interior.
    Preheat the oven to 50°C/120°F. It will boost the oven cleaner performance (Heating-up the oven further will boost the performance even further, but you take the risk of possible burn injuries. Furthermore, the detergent might produce unpleasant vapors in the kitchen).
    Open a window for ventilation.
    Disconnect the oven from the power supply.
    Apply the oven cleaner over the oven walls and door. Spread it using a soft brush instead of spraying it all over. This is safer for you as well as for the oven parts (see details in the safety instructions).
    Scrub the oven walls using Scotch-Brite to allow the oven cleaner penetrate the burnt-on grease layer. Then, shut the oven door and wait.
    If you use a powerful oven cleaner you should wait about 10 minutes to dissolve the baked-on grease (carbon). However, if you use a soft oven cleaner (i.e. pH-balanced) like many of the domestic oven cleaners, you will probably have to wait for several hours, and then scrub really hard. Soft oven cleaners are often not suitable for removing baked-on fat.
    If you wait long enough after using the right oven cleaner, the carbon should melt inside. Use the Scotch-Brite pad again all over the surface to remove the remaining leftovers.
    Wipe down the grime using paper towels. If you still find carbon leftovers, use the Scotch-Brite again to remove it.
    Finally, clean the oven using a hot damp cloth and leave the oven door open to dry out.
    You may use a window cleaner to make the glass door shine.
    You may use stainless steel cleaner and polish over the oven exterior for extra gloss.
    Wash the oven trays and racks, remove remaining leftovers using Scotch-Brite and leave them to dry out.

If it looks like an unpleasant and overwhelming task don’t loose hope! Cleaning London Co is here to save the day. Our oven cleaning prices are one of the most affordable in the industry.