Office Cleaning

We offer programs that are suited for building owners/renters and property managers. Our standard service includes bathrooms, kitchen(s), floors, windows, trash & recycling. We service: retail establishments, schools, health care facilities, corporate offices and more. Get a free quote or call us for more details or to go through the process of booking our professional cleaning services.
Whatever you are looking for in terms of commercial cleaning in London we can provide it. We can clean any sort of property in the commercial sector, including office cleaning, retail cleaning and industrial cleaning. Our expert cleaners are all completely trained in our full gamma of cleaning techniques so we can handle any job, no matter if big or small.
The regular office cleaning service, provided by our company, is accessible to our commercial clients in London, no matter their location. It is created to suit the cleaning needs of your business and since in most cases it would be inconvenient to be carried out during the day, we made it available 24/7, so it does not interrupt your working process. Our cleaning experts are at your service any day of the week and even during weekends and non-working hours to provide you with an outstanding cleaning, including emptying the recycle bins, cleaning your employees’ work stations, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom facilities and anything else that you have specified. If the upholstery or carpets in your office have to be thoroughly cleaned, then you can also benefit from our full deep cleaning service.
Retail cleaning is carried out on the same principle. We recommend it for shops, because the clean environment and the good hygiene are an important part of the image and success of this type of business. Our high quality cleaning services are suitable for the whole supply chain, which makes them beneficial for warehouses and even factories. We implement all sorts of specialised cleaning techniques and are experienced in various types of commercial cleaning. We are fully qualified to meet all your cleaning requirements and this gives us the confidence to perform any commercial cleaning service.
A specific part of industrial cleaning is dealing with sophisticated and often really expensive equipment and machinery. It can be tricky to clean and the people, who are responsible for the task, have to be trustworthy and fully knowledgeable of what they’re doing. Our professional cleaners can be trusted with such a cleaning, as they are thoroughly trained and prepared to clean any possible mechanism. Another tricky part is getting the upholstery and carpets absolutely clean, because of their multiple layers. They can’t be simply vacuumed or wiped over – a professional deep cleaning is the only way. It will also bring out the beauty of your upholstery and carpets, as well as freshen up their colours. We use steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning to achieve professional, long lasting results.
Our commercial cleaning will help you in many ways – the clean work environment is safe and pleasant for both employees and customers, ensures the good condition of your equipment and office furniture, promotes a positive professional image of your company, contributes to the better work performance and sets a good example for everyone.