Laundry Day – Don’t Avoid It, Just Make it Easier!

Cleaning LondonLaundry day, the worst day of the week, some people resent washing clothes even more than going to work on a Monday. Doing the laundry doesn’t have to be a problem though, indeed it is a tedious and time consuming chore which you would hope is handled by someone else, but someone else is not always available to wash your socks for you. If there absolutely no chance of you doing the washing, you can consider using a housemaid.
Some specialised London based cleaning companies can offer you good package deals on house cleaning, laundry and ironing services, all in one so keep that in mind next time you want to get out of washing clothes. If you want to actually overcome your laundry issues and make the process efficient and less of a hassle, here is what you need to do – give yourself enough time, and take your time doing the laundry. Take the time to sort through your dirty clothing instead of sticking everything in the washing machine, for a good spin.
Cleaning LondonColours should be separated from blacks, delicate garments must be washed separately from jeans and jackets with hard edges and heaps of metal buttons and zippers. If possible you should engage the help of kids or your partner, it won’t be easy at the start, but they should get used to helping you pretty soon. If you want your laundry efforts to count, then pre-treat clothing with stains. Don’t spend too much time in treating every little stain you come across, as washing will take you a week, instead opt for a better washing powder which complements your pre-treatment efforts. If you lose time in measuring washing powders, or liquid washing powders, just switch to tablets.
Washing tablets are already measured, just toss one in the washing machine and that’s it. Don’t over wash clothes, this usually happens when people choose the longest possible washing cycle on their machine. This is not only unnecessary and not too economical but also ruins your clothes sooner. On the same note – use the highest safe water temperature setting allowed by washing instructions of your garments. This is shown on the tag. If you are still learning your way with the washing machine, and don’t have much time on your hands, then remember to engage those friendly and efficient housekeepers which are usually available through your local London cleaning company.