Ironing Services

Ironing can be one of the most boring chores of the week but with Cleaning London to help we can free up your time for more rewarding pursuits. Our ironing and laundry service can be booked either as a part of a regular domestic clean, or on its own. We require a minimum of 3 hours per visit to carry out ironing.
Our ironing and laundry service includes:
• ironing shirts (our cleaners can iron approximately 9 men’s shirts per hour).
• ironing trousers, t-shirts, jeans, sheets, pillow cases etc.
• sort clothes and hang/fold. Please note, all ironing is carried out by our cleaners at your home using your iron and ironing board.
When you have little free time throughout the week and the weekend, then the last thing you would want to deal with is housekeeping – ironing in particular. Ironing is one of those tedious and time consuming tasks that you just wish you could delegate to someone else and still receive the best possible results without having to worry about burnt clothes or all that can go wrong. We can offer our customers the most sensible and cost effective alternative to endless hours of labourious ironing. Our ironing service is quite affordable and highly comprehensive. We will send you a professionally trained house maid with plenty of relevant experience and an excellent set of practical skills that will be able to handle your ironing requirements safely, efficiently and within the shortest time possible. Our house maids are well trained and will deliver excellent results on every job. Ironing of delicate or demanding clothing and fabrics will be no problem for them, they can also sort, fold and hang the necessary items of clothing in an orderly fashion so that everything is within reach and just where you need it to be.
All ironing work is done using customer provided equipment so that results are just as customers expect them to be. If necessary our maids can bring their own equipment but please discuss this with our customer consultants at the time of making your booking. Also, should you need the ironing service to go along with some other housekeeping chores – again, please speak to our consultants and we will do our best to accommodate your request. The ironing can be ordered either as one-off service visit or you can opt for regular ironing and always have your clothes in tip top condition and ready to wear. We will send you a vetted, fully trained house maid, regular customers will be sent the same maid every time unless they wish otherwise. The maids will present valid company or personal ID upon arrival to your property.