How to organize your cleaning routine

Cleaning LondonBetween going to work and taking care of the children, maintain a clean household sounds like an impossible task. But there is nothing impossible if you can organize your time and divide your cleaning chores in a meticulously well calculated timetable. If you have never divided your cleaning routines before, here is a sample cleaning schedule that you can use.
Monday cleaning: Wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual and de-clutter the misplaced items. While you are de-cluttering your household wipe the dust from the bookcase, shelves and other surfaces that accumulate dust.
Tuesday cleaning: Wake up everybody 20 minutes earlier than usual and while they are getting prepped vacuum the floors of your household including the upholstered furnishings, carpet and window treatments such as curtains and drape.
Wednesday cleaning: After everybody was waken up and passed through the bathroom, wipe clean the bathroom surfaces such as the countertops, mirrors, toilet bathtub, shower and sink. Also remove the soap scum, change the hand and face towels and mop the floor.
Thursday cleaning: Once everybody has had breakfast chase them away from the kitchen and wipe clean the kitchen countertops and cabinet exteriors. Go through the refrigerator and throw away all the rotten food and food which expiration date has passed before you take out the trash bin. Wipe clean the kitchen sink and mop the kitchen floor.
Friday cleaning: Before you go to work, place the dirty clothes in the laundry machine and wash them. Also clean the hallway features such as the coat hoods, key basket, shoe tray and etc. Once you return home from work get the laundry and either dry it via the drying machine or hang it to dry on the clothesline.
Saturday cleaning: Go through the house and take care of everything that you have missed during the weekend. Also wipe clean the microwave and oven. End the Saturday cleaning by changing the beddings.
Cleaning LondonOnce a month: Once a month during a Saturday empty the fridge and clean it from top to bottom. Also wash your curtains and your furniture upholstery.
Once a year: Conduct a deep cleaning of your household at least once a year. You can combine the deep cleaning with the spring cleaning and spare yourself some valuable time.
As you can see by properly organized your time and dividing your tasks you can work, raise children and have a clean home at the same time.