How to Make Spring Cleaning Greener

Spring CleaningThe idea of a full scale spring cleaning of your home is to freshen up the place after the drowsy winter months and have every room ready for spring and summer. A thorough spring cleaning of your entire home will also make the place healthier and more liveable for you and your loved ones. Many households though simply cannot find the time to invest in one such elaborate cleaning process, which is perfectly understandable as people work long hours, and don’t really want to spend their weekends in cleaning and dusting of hard to reach places. In this case, the next best option would be to use professional spring cleaning services.
The service will cost a certain amount of money, but this would be money well spent as you will receive fully comprehensive, professional spring cleaning, and have your home cleaned to an industry standard finish in just hours. However, if you do have the time and means to deal with spring cleaning on your own, you can make the whole process healthier and less toxic by substituting the usual harsh cleaning solvents and aggressive chemicals with green, ecofriendly cleaning solutions which are just as effective, but less harmful to you and the environment. In many instances, upholsteries and furniture finishes suffer greatly from stains, dust and grime accumulated through everyday use.
Spring CleaningThere are a thousand and one harsh chemical solvents which are used for cleaning such delicate materials. The greener cleaning option in this case, is to use what’s commonly known as furniture spritzer. This cleaning product is times less toxic and aggressive than any other similar-purpose substance. The spritzer is manufactured by different companies, so pick a brand you like. Generally, this product is very inexpensive. Hard surfaces in your home can be cleaned effectively by using only a mild and biodegradable cleaning solvent instead of ten different, toxic chemicals which can also cause damage to the surface you are cleaning, not to mention they’re bad for your health.
An ecofriendly, all-purpose cleaner is also a suitable alternative to the option above. Usually all-purpose cleaners last much longer than others, which makes the cleaning process not only ecofriendly but also economical. Battling unpleasant odours in the home is also part of spring cleaning. Once you eradicate sources of a bad smell, you can remove the odour by applying a natural formula deodoriser, instead of those chemically potent aerosols.