How to Make End of Tenancy Cleaning Less of A Hassle

End of Tenancy CleaningMany tenants find the prospect of having to deal with end of tenancy cleaning quite frustrating, even daunting at times. Indeed, tenancy cleaning requirements can be a real nuisance to deal with, especially if you have an overly demanding landlord hanging off your neck, who seems to be unsatisfiable in their cleaning requirements. So, how can vacating tenants make the whole move out cleaning process hassle-free and more manageable? First of all, find and secure the services of the right cleaning company.
There are quite a few service providers out there which claim to offer the best end of tenancy cleaning solutions, but you being a savvy consumer will surely do some research before choosing and committing to a particular service. A professional end of tenancy cleaning service should be fully comprehensive and should cover all rooms and areas of the rental property, including hard to reach and out of sight areas too. Many of the well-established cleaning companies work closely with rental agents and landlords in order to provide tenants with better quality end of tenancy cleaning services so look around for a service provider who is known to provide and deal with rental property cleaning services.
Another crucial condition which the selected cleaning company must cover is to perform the end of tenancy cleaning service in strict accordance to the instructions and requirements outlined in the end of tenancy cleaning checklist provided by the landlord or letting agent. Even if you go with the most professional and efficient cleaners, a picky rental agent, or a demanding landlord will always have issues with the level of cleaning results, if the job is not performed as per the instructions in the checklist.
End of Tenancy CleaningSo choose a service provider who is willing to do the clean-up using a list of requirements, and save yourself the extra hassles. Furthermore, schedule your end of tenancy cleaning service and have it done just before the final property inspection. By doing this, you will present your landlord or letting agent with a freshly cleaned interior, and immaculate hygiene where it matters most. Last but not least, don’t forget to request a receipt and an invoice for cleaning services performed. These documents will serve as proof that you did actually organise and pay for professional end of tenancy cleaning thus you will become eligible to receive your rental deposit back in full from the landlord or agent.