How to clean a glass stovetop

Even though glass stoves are esthetically good looking they are very hard to keep clean. However there is an easy way to keep a glass stove clean and if you continue reading you will learn.
To keep a glass stove clean you will need the following cleaning tools:
-Microfiber cloth
-Bowl full of hot water
-Tea rags or towels
-Baking soda
-Paper towel
-Rubber gloves
Generally glass stoves are cleaned after use however before you commence the cleaning of your stove you must wait for it to cool down. Once the stove has cooled take the bowl with hot water and pour some dish liquid within the water. Next put the tea rags or towels within the bowl and allow them to soak.
Cleaning LondonWhile the rags/towels are soaking in the hot water dish liquid mixture sprinkle baking soda over your glass stovetop. Now take out the rags/towels and wring them half way so that they become wet-ish. Place the wet-ish rags/towels over the baking soda to activate the baking soda. This will loosen the dirty build-up on your stove and will drastically facilitate the cleaning process. Allow the moistened baking soda to sit for approximately 15 minutes before you commence the rising of the glass stovetop. However if you have nasty and durably stains on the stove leave the baking soda to sit for a couple of hours. Do not allow the baking soda to dry, keep it moistures by regularly wetting the rags/towels that you have place over the baking soda.
Now finish the cleaning of your glass stove by removing all rags/towels but one. Take the remaining rag/towel and begin at the top of the stove and wipe clean the stovetop with an “S” pattern. Then grab the sponge and run it under cool water and wipe away any grease or dirt residue. If are stains are too hard to remove don’t try using a razor blade as it will damage the glass stovetop. Instead use a soft-headed scared to remove the stains. End the cleaning by using the soft cloth to buff the stovetop.
You can also use another soft cloth on which you have poured several drops of glass cleaner to dry shine the surface of your glass stove. This will add a proper finish to your cleaning project and will make your glass stovetop appear as if you have just bought the stove from the supermarket.