How to clean a fridge

Refrigerators just like all kitchen and household appliances require cleaning or they begin underperforming which can lead to a lot of rotten food and nasty odors.
Fridge CleaningBegin the fridge cleaning by removing the food from the refrigerator. While you are taking out the food check the expiration dates and if some foods have passed their expiration date throw them as they are already uneatable and will most likely rot and soil your fridge.
Next remove the shelves and drawers from your fridge so that you can clean them and have an easy access to the interior of your refrigerator. Removing the removable parts of the fridge will immensely facilitate your cleaning routine. Also if you refrigerator has a de-frost function activate it as cleaning a fridge which as ice on its interior walls can be quite challenging. If you don’t have such a function turn off the fridge until the ice melts.
Continue the fridge cleaning by wipe down the fridge’s interior with a clean soft cloth that you have damped with a mixture of hot water and liquid dish soap. Always work from top to bottom to prevent any dripping on the surfaces that you have already cleaned.
Now get clean dry cloth or towel and carefully dry the interior of your fridge by wiping it down. Once more work from top to bottom and don’t forget to dry the interior side of the fridge door.
Wash the fridge drawers and shelves in your sink with warm water and dish soap and let them dry. Once the removable parts are dry put them back in place and replace your food within your refrigerator.
Fridge CleaningOnce the fridge is clean, empty the freezer compartment and remove all removable parts. Wipe clean the interior of the freezer and wash the shelves and drawers. Before your put the removable parts in place, dry the freezer interior with a clean dry cloth.
End the fridge cleaning by wiping down the exterior parts of your refrigerator by once again working from top to bottom. To add a shine on the exterior surfaces of your fridge drip several drops of window cleaner on your cloth. When done dry your refrigerator.
At least once a year pull your refrigerator from its place and clean the backside and vacuum the fridge coils. By vacuuming the coils you will be ensuring the proper functioning of the fridge motor. Also wipe clean all the exterior areas that you cannot reach when the refrigerator is in place.