How to Choose Your Carpet

Although many households and offices are making the switch to hard flooring or composite flooring surfaces as opposed to traditional carpeting, there are still many people out there who appreciate the qualities of a well fitted carpet in their home or office. If you are one of those people, and you are currently in the process of choosing the most appropriate type of carpet for your requirements, here is some food for thought.
Carpet CleaningFirst of all, carpets are generally divided in two large groups – synthetic fibre carpets, and natural fibre carpets. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, and which of the two you go for will depend on factors such as cost, ease of cleaning maintenance, repairs, durability, comfort and insulation properties etc. Let’s start with effective carpet cleaning – no matter which type of carpet you have selected to install, a carpet must be cleaned professionally at least twice every year. Most if not all types of carpets will not tolerate conventional or homemade cleaning treatments, this also applies to stain removal. In most cases, subjecting natural or synthetic fibre carpets to aggressive or unsuitable cleaning methods will damage or alter the carpet’s structure and fibre properties beyond repair.
This leaves you with a damage bill, and the necessity to replace your carpet – which is no good at all. The right way to clean your carpets is to subject them to specialised carpet cleaning and ensure proper removal of stains and soiling, if such are present. Professional carpet cleaning services these days are quite affordable, and yield exceptional quality cleaning results on most carpets. Keep in mind though that mechanical damage or alteration of carpet structure and dimensions cannot be reversed even by professional cleaning methods.
Carpet CleaningProfessional carpet cleaning, when done on a regular basis, will also prolong the life of your carpets and retain their properties for longer. Choosing the right type of carpet also depends on the amount of foot traffic, and daily wear and tear to which the carpet will be subjected to. High traffic zones must be carpeted with more durable, resistant carpets. Kids rooms or play rooms should be carpeted with softer types of carpet which provide for more comfort underfoot and have better thermo and noise insulation properties. Ease of repairs and technical maintenance of the carpet should also influence your choice. Some carpets cannot be repaired, but must be replaced entirely.