Green Cleaning Products Are Going Hi-Tech

Cleaning LondonEverything seems to be going hi-tech these days, and green cleaning products make no exception. Ecofriendly cleaning systems are yesterday’s news and since their introduction, they have retained a decent portion of the cleaning products market in developed countries. Recently, chemists have decided to turn a new page in formulating domestic and industrial cleaning products, and have put the green cleaning sector in the twenty first century. It is interesting to point out, that not that long ago it was expected for fabrics, materials and objects in future to be unaffected by dirt, grime, dust and staining, but as it turns out such miraculous material characteristics are still some time away, and advancement of the cleaning product industry might be the more plausible option.
Here are a few examples of how seemingly ordinary cleaning products have received hi-tech improvements in order to make them more effective and sustainable. Recently, a new glass cleaning product was released on the US market. The new product formula is specially created for cleaning of glass, Lexan and Lucite surfaces and objects. Technically the product is referred to as glass, plastic and plasma screen cleaner. Instead of packing the new product with a heap of conventional chemistry like ammonia or alcohol, chemical engineers decided to use more effective substances like soil-suspending detergents and chemicals known as wetting agents. This combination is highly effective in cleaning and removal, and what’s even better it allows for streak-free cleaning of all surfaces. This new cleaning product is available on the market as a soluble cartridge which is diluted in a refillable spray bottle, also purchased from the manufacturer.
Cleaning LondonSuch cleaning products are also non-reactive, in other words the chemical compounds in them do not react with metals, plastics, glass or painted surfaces, but only have an effect on the dirt, grime and staining to be cleaned. In general, this is another good example of how specially designed packaging, along with specially formulated products can reduce both resources needed for production, and pollution. Apart, from specialised glass cleaning products, manufacturers are also coming out with highly effective, green tile and grout cleaning products, as well as those multipurpose cleaners, and high strength degreasers.
Another hi tech range of cleaning products are the so called self-foaming cleaners. These are still green cleaning products which are also known as acid sanitisers and use means of oxidation to clean surfaces and materials.