Give Your Bathroom That Hotel Look & Feel

Cleaning LondonThe bathroom is one of the key areas of the house where people are constantly looking for improvement of functionality and style. Usually, full scale bathroom makeovers can end up costing thousands, if not tens of thousands, which makes such remodelling projects not too attractive for the budget minded home renovator. Having said this, there are many other ways to style up the bathroom without having to spend a small fortune. In all instances, the bathroom must be kept clean and sanitised as much as possible. Indeed bathroom cleaning chores are a hassle, but even hotel style bathrooms would look and feel terrible if they weren’t cleaned on a regular basis.
So begin your bathroom remodelling with a good dose of cleaning. Country or cottage style bathrooms are a big thing in the last few years, and if you like the look, then go and grab a few jars or other glass vessels you have, and get creative. Choose what to put in these jars – loofahs, exotic soap bars and bath salts are all excellent choices. If you want to go one better, why not match the colour and texture of the items you have placed in jars with the colour and pattern of your bathroom tilework and accessories. This will be a quick, easy and inexpensive way to bring style to your bathroom.
Cleaning LondonTowels are an integral part of any bathroom, and good towels will make for a good bathroom. For a clean, fresh bathroom look, stick to white towels – another classic hotel touch. The best fabric options for your towels are perhaps Egyptian cotton or micro-cotton. Both fabrics have excellent absorption and comfort properties. Mirrors are essential in the bathroom and give the room a unique feel. Go for vanguard shape mirrors, and hang them on walls using ribbons. The ribbons should match the colour or pattern used throughout the rest of the bathroom for a uniformed design. Usually, you need no more than two mirrors, or one mirror to serve as the focal point of the bathroom.
Subway tiles are a classic touch, and very hip. They can be used for the shower floor, or as backsplash along the sink or vanity cabinet. In terms of colour, use soothing, soft tones, you don’t have to choose pale pastels, but don’t go too colour intense – think soft blues and greys. Fresh flowers are must have in well-arranged bathrooms