Dust Allergies and Their Causes

Carpet CleaningDust allergies are not uncommon in many households. In this case, asthma is left out of the equation, as it is a specific medical condition which can be both genetic and environmental in cause. Dust allergies however, can be due to poor indoor air quality which is usually caused by accumulation of dust, pollen, bacteria and a whole host of other things, including one’s own skin, hairs and body. For the purpose of this article, focus will be shifted to the biggest violator of indoor air quality – the carpet. To the untrained eye, the carpet might seem to be in perfect condition – clean, fresh and dust free.
In reality though, the carpet accumulates a great deal of dust, pollen and bacteria, which is rolled around and rubbed deeper inside the carpet through everyday foot traffic. Any house occupant with a pronounced dust allergy, not to mention more serious or chronic respiratory conditions will quickly feel the deterioration of indoor air quality caused by excess amounts of dust in the carpet. So, it is all about cleaning the carpet properly on a regular basis, but what’s the best way to do this? Conventional carpet cleaning is hardly the most efficient and economical way to achieve and maintain lasting carpet hygiene.
Carpet CleaningJust ask anyone who has tried to do it! Professional carpet cleaning however, is a proven way to keep both synthetic and natural fibre carpets clean and sanitised, from the top of the strand, to the base layer of the carpet. Why is professional carpet cleaning better than any other cleaning methods though? The answer is quite simple – professional carpet cleaners have the right tools and equipment for the job. Here is an example – you are vacuuming one square metre of your carpet, you have been doing a thoroughly good job for about fifteen minutes, but the dust just doesn’t seem to end. Professional carpet cleaning is performed using a vacuum cleaner with a special, industry grade agitator i.e. a special brush which lifts and removes dust from each carpet strand.
Steam carpet cleaning or dry carpet cleaning are the performed on the carpet after vacuuming. This type of professional carpet cleaning kills off and removes bacteria and allergens, including dust, throughout the depth of the carpet. For better indoor air quality, and lasting carpet hygiene it is advisable to use professional carpet cleaning services at least once every six months.