Double Duty Household Items

House CleaningNowadays household products are meant for one purpose only – and that is their intended purpose. However, crafty homemakers have found numerous clever uses for items which don’t seem to serve another purpose besides their intended use. If you can’t think of a single item which can serve double duty, but you are sure to have such things around the house, here are some hints and tips. Take for instance those five-rung trouser hangers – these are ideal for hanging and organising anything that fits really, from socks to jewellery.
If you receive hard copies of bills, a five line pants hanger is ideal for sorting unpaid and paid bills – paid bills down go the bottom, pending ones are lined up the top. Reading and sun glasses cases, are ideal for storing small things like jewellery or other precious items. More so, you can keep an MP3 player or other electronic gizmos safe from damage and negligence inside an eyeglasses case.
House CleaningWhile rummaging through the house in search of items which can serve another purpose, you might realise that the place needs a decent amount of cleaning. If so, but you don’t feel like doing the cleaning on your own, then enlist the help of professional house cleaners – London domestic companies will have your home in tiptop condition in just hours. If you are moving places or need to shift a number of breakables from one of the rooms to the garage, basement or attic, but don’t feel like paying a pretty penny for bubble wrap, then use old socks which you no longer wear. Yes, those are good for rags, but they can also snuggly fit around vases, glassware etc. and keep such valuables from dust, scratches and other such dangers. Plus, if you use professional house cleaning then you don’t need to keep that many rags around – London house cleaners are well equipped during their cleaning visits.
Chocolates come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, and so do their boxes. If you come across a chocolate box insert wash it out, put it back in the box and you have yourself a pretty decent desk or drawer organiser. Now you will know where those paper clips or pins are at all times. Emery sticks are not only good for shaping your nails, but they can also remove certain stains and soiling from things like suede shoes or bags.