Domestic Cleaning

“The domestic cleaners of Cleaning London Co will clean your lovely house with a smile.”

Domestic Cleaning LondonWe want you to know that we are a London based company that comes to you. We have many regular domestic cleaning service customers that we have been doing business with for many years. We aim to provide you, our beloved client with excellent cleaning service and freeing up your time to really live.

When booking your domestic cleaning service, you can choose how often our cleaners will visit your home – for example every day, twice per week, once per week, once in two weeks or in a month, etc. – whenever suits you best. Our regular domestic cleaning covers all appliances and furniture in your home, which you use every day and therefore need to be cleaned. The cleaning of your kitchen, for instance, includes dishwashing, cleaning of the work surfaces, the cooker top and – as a final touch – scrubbing and mopping the floor. The domestic cleaning service may also include ironing, if you wish so.

Cleaning a home to perfection takes a certain amount of time, so before you book a regular domestic cleaning service, keep in mind that the cleaning takes at least 3 hours (this is our minimum, in order to provide you with the best results). You could also make a list of all errands and tasks, which have to be done, so that nothing gets left behind. You can call us on the phone, e-mail us or use our website booking form to get in touch with us. Generally, the cleaning equipment and materials are provided by the customer, but if you have other wishes, you can discuss them with our friendly consultants and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs, you can also review any additional details, regarding the regular domestic service. This service doesn’t cover professional carpet cleaning and outside window cleaning – however, if you need such services, we can provide them to you separately. An errand service is also available – it’s suitable for everyone, leading a busy life and consists of library, post office, dry-cleaning and other similar runs, shopping, etc.

Does your dynamic London lifestyle keep you too busy to run your home all by yourself? Do you need the help of a professional cleaner? The cleaning experts of Cleaning London Co are just what you have been looking for – all of them are thoroughly trained, experienced in housekeeping, extremely organised, as well as proactive. They are also fully insured and vetted, speak fluent English and can carry out multiple tasks and errands for you. You can be sure that they will run your home with great efficiency, taking care of the cooking and cleaning, laundry and ironing, shopping and dealing with tradesmen, pet sitting and dog walking, and last but not least, running various errands (like dry-cleaning runs, post office runs, etc.).

The cleaning services provided by our London cleaners are of the highest quality and come at excellent prices. If you would like us to visit regularly in order to help keep your home clean and safe for you and your family then we are available for that service, or can be hired for a one off clean.

If you decide to benefit from our regular domestic cleaning service, you will be pleased to discover what a load will be taken from your hands. Everything in your London home will be thoroughly cleaned – kitchens, living rooms, studies, bedrooms, bathrooms, corridors – in fact, every room of your home. We promise and even guarantee that we always carry out a cleaning to 100% satisfaction of our customers, because we aim to provide you with the best regular domestic cleaning service. This means that once you choose how often you would like our professional cleaners to visit you and how much time they have (there is a minimum of 3 working hours but you could always opt for more), they will do their best to run your errands exactly as you want them done and will clean everything to immaculacy.
We at Cleaning London Co are entirely at your service to cover every domestic cleaning need of yours, all the while being customer-friendly and competent. Our cleaning experts are always happy to help you out with your house work and are giving their very best to deserve your approval for the accomplished tasks. Every last one of our cleaners is an excellent professional, who possesses great housekeeping skills and personal qualities, and is 100% reliable.

Our company offers a great variety of cleaning services. If you have any questions or are interested in one of them and would like to book it for yourself, we are waiting for your call or e-mail. Don’t hesitate to contact us – no matter how big or small you consider the errand which you need done, we will gladly help you.