Concentrated Cleaning Products

Cleaning LondonThe cleaning products industry turned its eye toward concentrated cleaning products a number of years ago. Initially, many critics believed that concentrating of cleaning product formulas will only eat up more resources without giving the necessary increase in strength and effectiveness of the product. In reality, concentrated cleaning products turned out to be quite effective and quickly carved their own marketing niche. Another big benefit of concentrated cleaning products is that they are economical. How does this work? Concentrated cleaning products use more active ingredients, diluted in less liquid. A concentrated solution of the product is number of times more effective than conventional cleaning products, yet it only takes up half the volume needed for packaging.
In other words, manufacturers save resources from packaging since they need to package less product of increased strength and effectiveness. This is also good for the environment, as there is less energy consumed for manufacturing, and less pollution. In fact, concentrated cleaning products have become so popular and widely used in certain countries, that some of the leading manufacturers have actually concentrated their entire product ranges. The idea is to have a sustainable cleaning products industry which reduces the environmental toll of production, packaging and distribution. To put this into perspective, take for example the US as being one of the biggest consumer markets in the world. Americans are known to buy three hundred and twenty million spray bottles of cleaning products per year. Most of these non-reusable spray bottles end up in landfills.
Cleaning LondonStatistically, if only twenty percent of these were reused (or not used altogether), this would translate to a saving of seven million pounds of plastic. A large cleaning products manufacturer has done the math and has not only concentrated their range of cleaning products, but they have also designed a universal, reusable spray bottle which can be loaded with a range of cleaning products, as those too come in uniformed universal packages. The idea is to have a single piece of reusable equipment which is preloaded with the necessary product.
Once the product is spent, remove the empty packaging and keep the spray bottle. Obviously, for this system to work effectively, it would be necessary to use concentrated cleaning products. According to the company, the new system will save sixty three precent plastic needed for manufacturing, and twenty three fl. oz. of water depending on the particular cleaning product formula.