Window Cleaning Prices

*Minimum charge applies. Prices quoted over the phone are estimated based on information supplied.

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Window cleaning is one of those cleaning chores that you rather not deal with as it is hard work, takes long hours to yield good results and can even be dangerous in some instances. Although window cleaning is labourious and time consuming, windows cannot be left unattended and they will require proper cleaning attention eventually. In order to save yourself the hassles and costs of finding, negotiating and organising the most suitable and affordable window cleaning service you can come to us instead and let us deal with the situation in the most efficient and cost effective manner without any extra hassles or further issues.
Our professional window cleaning service is top quality and yields exceptional cleaning results on every job, no buts, no exceptions. The service is competitively priced and aims to give customers real value for money and great coverage. The window service is adequately priced and our service costs will reflect the actual amount of work to be done. Our window cleaning quotes are prepared by specially trained customer consultants who will estimate and valorise each customer request fairly and reflectively without costing you a single pound extra. Window cleaning is hard work and can be dangerous sometimes so if you are unsure how to go about cleaning your windows, it is better to leave that to us.
Our crews of professional cleaning technicians will visit your property fully equipped and prepared for the task at hand. They will work with professional efficiency in order to give you the best possible results and make your time and money really worth it. We would like customers to provide our phone consultants with all the necessary information regarding the window cleaning job as we need to be able to estimate correctly and give the best possible figures. Also, windows above certain height will not subjected to cleaning due to safety reasons, so please inform our consultants of the type and height of your windows so we can organise your service adequately.