End Of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Our end of tenancy cleaning prices for the Greater London area.

Below you can find some of our end of tenancy cleaning prices but for more accurate quote please contact us on the provided telephone number: 07418 350 800

  • One bedroom – from £129
  • Two bedroom – from £149
  • Three bedroom – from £199
  • Four bedroom and above – from £249

*Please note that the end of tenancy cleaning prices are excluding carpet cleaning and are depending on your property size. If you would like to book end of tenancy cleaning plus carpet cleaning we can make a cleaning package that suits your needs.

We can usually provide better value and great discounts to our customers. Call now to get your custom tailored end of tenancy cleaning price.

Our end of tenancy cleaning is performed by professional cleaners with sufficient experience, they will be using a cleaning checklist which is usually provided by the landlord or the letting agency. In case there is no such list provided, we can work out our own list of what’s required as we have been in the industry long enough to know which rooms and areas of the house will be subjected to scrutinized inspection by the agents and the landlord. Naturally, all rooms and areas of the property will be cleaned to a professional finish. Special attention will be paid to heavy use areas like the toilet, bathroom and the kitchen.
*Minimum charge applies. Prices quoted over the phone are estimated based on information supplied.
If the time has come for you to organise an end of tenancy cleaning then you would want to receive the most comprehensive and affordable cleaning service around as the last thing you need is extra landlord hassles on your way out. Usually, a session of professional end of tenancy or move out cleaning is a compulsory requirement set by the landlord and the rental agency as neat, damage free and clean property is a precondition to receiving your rental deposit back.
We can offer our rental customers the most comprehensive, high quality end of tenancy cleaning minus the usual high costs associated with this type of service. We understand that moving out and looking for the next rental accommodation is a stressful and hectic task that requires undivided attention so we have made sure to spare you all the cleaning woes through punctual, efficient end of tenancy cleaning that never fails. Our crews of specially trained cleaning technicians will visit the property in the shortest time possible and perform complete top to bottom cleaning of the entire premises and be out of your way in a matter of hours. We will dispatch a sufficient number of cleaners that know their work inside out and will be capable of yielding the expected results without additional hassles or delays.
The cleaners are trained to work their way through a specially compiled cleaning checklist usually provided by the tenants or the landlord in order to make sure nothing is missed and all work is done to a professional grade result. If there is no such list available the cleaners will use their high level of training and expertise in order to achieve satisfactory results without risk of damage. We understand that end of tenancy cleaning is usually the final chore for vacating tenants, this is why the service is available for booking on a short notice basis and can be carried out with flexible appointment hours. All quotes are formed individually in order to keep the figures fair and reflective.