Carpet Cleaning Prices

Our carpet cleaning prices for the Greater London area

Below you can find examples for our carpet cleaning prices. Please note that minimal charges may apply.

  • £29 for One Bedroom Carpet Cleaning
  • £39 for Complete Living Room Carpet Cleaning
  • £49 for Three Seater Sofa Cleaning

*The minimum price for any carpet cleaning job is £49.

We can usually provide better value and great discounts to our customers. Call now to get your custom tailored carpet cleaning price.

Carpet Cleaning PricesWe at London consider carpet cleaning to be a highly specific and technical process so we have taken the time and put the effort into training our staff in the safe and efficient use of steam cleaning equipment. This is utterly important to us, because exceptional cleaning results and the safety of our customers and staff are required every time – no exceptions.
For more accurate quotes please contact London at our phone number: 07418 350 800
Using a good carpet cleaner for carpet cleaning in London is essential to maintain your carpets. The capital presents a special challenge to carpet cleaners as the city produces a lot of dirt and pollution that can work its way deep into your carpets.
Cleaning London’s specialist carpet cleaner teams provide a top quality carpet cleaning at a great price, as well as upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning at the same exceptional value. The steam cleaning service provided by our carpet cleaners uses the latest in carpeting cleaning technology. In the right hands our machines will quickly and efficiently provide steam cleaning of all carpets, rugs and upholstery. Our carpet cleaner teams based in London only use safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions to clean your carpets efficiently. Our London teams will make your carpets and rugs clean and hygienic. Although Cleaning London Co is a leading carpet cleaner in London and has perfected the process of steam cleaning carpets the prices are way more competitive than those of most of the competitors at the carpet cleaning industry.

Probably the best carpet cleaner with the best price range in London

There is no doubt that carpeting for your home is a major investment. Regular steam cleaning is a must to keep carpets looking new and to prolong their usefulness. Regular upholstery cleaning is also necessary to maintain your sofas and armchairs. Rugs benefit from regularly cleaning by our rug cleaning service to remove dirt and grit which can damage them. When you consider the cost of replacing carpets, rugs and furnishing, cleaning costs seem minimal, so regular steam cleaning of rugs and upholstery makes sound economic sense as well. The best part is that almost anyone can afford this exceptional service because of it’s affordable and comes as a great value package.
*Minimum charge applies. Prices quoted over the phone are estimated based on information supplied.