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“Areas of East London covered by our cleaning services”

Cleaning services are an important aspect of what we offer at Cleaning London Co. Without deep cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services would be incomplete. These services are offered to customers for domestic cleaning as well as commercial cleaning. This is of particular importance to clients for office cleaning and retail cleaning throughout East London area in order to maintain a professional environment.
For our domestic customers, deep cleaning restores your home to its best, original, condition. Over time carpets and upholstery will have build ups of dirt beneath the surface. This is inevitable and cannot be prevented with vacuuming. That is not to say of course that carpets and upholstery should not be vacuumed regularly. This is also a service which our East London cleaners can provide. Deep cleaning however, sorts out the dirt which gets to those places that vacuums cannot get to.
There are two main types of deep cleaning for carpets, and one for upholstery. In terms of upholstery cleaning, the method is generally to use chemicals, always totally safe and environmentally friendly in order to get to the deep down dirt. Sometimes it is more appropriate to use a simple detergent with hot water, depending on the fabric in question. Our professional cleaners will always know the best approach to take, both from their training and from their extensive experience.
For carpet cleaning, the two main approaches are steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is usually used when it is judged that a carpet or rug will not stand up to the steam cleaning technique. It will produce very good cleaning results and there is no chance of any harm coming to your carpet from the moisture and the high pressure which is used with the steam cleaning technique. Instead, the area in question will be lightly sprayed with a liquid and then powder or granules will be sprinkled over. The dry carpet cleaning substance will be moistened by the liquid which was first applied and will create something for the dirt deep down in the carpet to cling to. This is all then hoovered up, dirt and all, to produce excellent cleaning results.
As you will have noticed the “dry carpet cleaning” technique is not entirely “dry.” It is called this in comparison to the steam cleaning technique which itself is not named entirely appropriately as it is not the steam which does the cleaning, it is hot water and shampoo applied at high pressure. This is therefore a considerably more wet technique than dry carpet cleaning, and is appropriate for carpets which are not as delicate as those which require dry carpet cleaning.
These are the main types of deep cleaning services which we offer, and in which all of our East London cleaners are professionally trained. If you would like to make use of these cleaning services to restore the freshness of your property, whether that be for industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning or domestic cleaning, then please ring us for a free quote.

Vacating your current rental requires organising for a professional grade end of tenancy cleaning of the entire property, this will make you eligible to receive your rental deposit back, provided the place hasn’t been abused in any other way. In all instances, you need a specialised cleaning company for the job. We provide the most affordable and efficient end of tenancy cleaning in East London, we know what is expected and required of one such service and we always come through with the goods – after all we are the preferred end of tenancy cleaners in East London. In addition, rental customers can also secure other cleaning options like specialised upholstery cleaning – putting you a step closer to getting your money back from the landlord. Until the seventeen hundreds East London was known as The Part Beyond The Tower. Eventually this part of the city grew and engulfed all of Greater London east of the City (1950s). Nowadays there are a total of seven boroughs within East London.

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