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Cleaners Mayfair

Mayfair is right in the beating heart of London, once residential, today the locale is heavily commercialised and houses some of the mightiest banks and corporations as well as administration and institutions like embassies and many more.
If you are one of the local residents or perhaps have a Mayfair based business or commercial establishment and you are looking for the most comprehensive and fair priced cleaning service around, by all means turn to Cleaners Mayfair W1 and make us your top choice as we can handle a wide range of commercial and residential cleaning requirements in the most professional and cost effective manner without risk of damage or substandard results.
Cleaners Mayfair W1Servicing such high profile area of London means we have to go one better than anyone else and be very efficient and forward thinking in the way we do businesses and our service provision. Our cleaning crews are made up of high qualified professional cleaners with plenty of industry experience and technical knowledge. Working with the most dedicated professionals in the industry means we can yield better service results with fewer margins for error, and do so within reasonable price limits.

Cleaners W1

Cleaners Mayfair W1 are also a green cleaning business that looks out for the health and wellbeing of its customers and aims to reduce the environmental toll of the cleaning industry. We stay true to our company policies and use no toxic chemicals or caustic cleaning solutions during our cleaning appointments. Our crews are trained to work with minimum water and resource waste which makes us an affordable and sustainable service choice.
Our residential customers can choose from top notch one off services like complete house cleaning, specialised kitchen or bathroom and toilet cleaning, as well as special purpose one off services like spring cleaning, after builders or after party cleaning. We also offer our residential customers attentive, value for money regular house cleaning. Cleaners Mayfair W1 also specialises in most types of professional commercial cleaning that’s suitable for different establishments and businesses, including eateries, where immaculate kitchen hygiene is a requirement. All services are available seven days a week.
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