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Are you tired of cleaning your home day in and day out? Are you tired of spending your weekends with the mop in hand cleaning your household floors? Are you tired of touring the house each night before you go to bed in order to collect the clutter and put everything in place? If you are fed up with all these things, call us today and we will gladly take the reins of your cleaning obligations from your hands.

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We provide cleaning services in the residential area of Harringay. Harringay is one of the many North London areas. It is located in the London Borough of Haringey and it is centered around the section of Green Lanes. The area is known throughout the capital for its numerous parks and open spaces. Actually according to some recent studies about 22% of Harringay consists of open spaces.
Cleaners Harringay N4 N8 N15We can literally clean anything and any room. Even more we take on tasks that the other cleaners Harringay N4 based avoid accepting. For example we are one of the few cleaners in Harringay N8 that don’t mind taking projects that include garage and basement cleaning. In fact we have cleaned so many garages and basements that we consider ourselves experts in this regard. When we are hired to clean a garage or basement we begin by emptying the room. The reason why we do so is that these rooms are used by people as storage rooms, meaning that they are cluttered and they are hard to clean if not decluttered first.

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Once that the rooms are emptied we begin the cleaning by checking the walls, floors and ceiling for mold. The garage and basement are humid rooms that tend to form mold quite easily, especially if they haven’t been aerated in a while. If we encounter mold we deal with it first and then we get on with the actual cleaning.

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We wash the walls and mop the floor and we use special cleaning products to remove the stains. For instance some of the hardest stains to treat are grease and oil stains that are usually found on the garage floor. Fortunately we have the necessary products and tools to deal with them.
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