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If you are stuck in a spiral of endless, here and there weekend clean-ups that really don’t do much but waste your time, effort and resources, then perhaps it is time to use our professional cleaning services and get back on top of things. We at Cleaners Edmonton N9 know how important it is to have a reliable service provider working for you, when it comes to efficient and affordable house cleaning, and we have made sure to be just that – a professional, attentive and affordable cleaning company that provides straightforward, down to earth servicing that always gets the job done, with no extra hassles or excess costs.
Cleaners Edmonton N9 N18We have years of industry experience and the right technical know-how to organise and carry out anything from small scale clean-ups to complete property treatments in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner. If necessary we can also organise for customised cleaning service packages in order to cater to specific customer needs and meet customer budget requirements. We can also organise for a number of cleaning services to take place on the same day, for those times when households need urgent, multiple cleaning done a-sap.

Cleaners N9

The company cannot allow for any errors or sub quality cleaning results, no matter the scale or complexity of the request, this is why we have shortlisted and handpicked the most dedicated and highly experienced cleaners who have the skills and expertise to deal with all aspects of professional domestic and commercial cleaning. Our comprehensive cleaning services list is designed to cover a wide range of cleaning requirements in the most efficient and affordable fashion. Customers can choose from top quality, one off services like house cleaning, detailed kitchen, fridge or tile cleaning, specialised wet room cleaning and many more.

Cleaners N18

Need something more regular? Our fixed schedule domestic and office cleaning is just what you need. Other specialised cleaning services we offer include professional steam cleaning of carpets and fabrics. Cleaners Edmonton N18 offers and carries out a number of full property treatments like end of tenancy cleaning, as well as spring and deep cleaning of the entire property.
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