How to have clean curtains

Curtain CleaningA lot of people neglect the maintenance of their curtains without realizing that this ruins the window treatments and adds a grim touch to their interior ambiance. If you wish to learn how you can keep your window curtains clean keep reading as we have written down bellow several curtains maintenance tips that you will find extremely helpful.
The first step for having clean curtains is to vacuum them every two to three days. By cleaning your curtains with the vacuum cleaner you won’t allow the accumulation of harmful particles in-between the curtain fibers. If your vacuum doesn’t have a soft head with which you can vacuum your curtains, you can simply shake them twice a day, but this approach isn’t as effective.
The next step is to wash the curtains at least once a month. However before you pull down the curtains and put them in your washing machines make sure that you read the curtain label. This way you will learn the exact type of cleaning that your curtains can handle. If your curtains lake a label conduct a spot test on a hidden portion of your curtains by applying a mixture of cold water and laundry detergent. If the tested spot doesn’t change them your curtain can be washed in the laundry machine. On the other hand if the curtain color begins to fade it is for the best if you call professionals to conduct the cleaning. Also before you place your curtains in the laundry machine remove all hardware because the hardware will not only rip your curtains but damage your laundry machine as well.
Curtain CleaningOnce the curtains have been washed you must dry them. Do not dry them in your drying machine as this will certainly ruin your curtains and your curtains cleaning experience will be a disastrous one. Instead hang dry your curtains, this will not only preserve the shape of our curtains but will set the wrinkles as well. Before you replace the hardware to hang your curtains on your windows iron the curtains to remove any residual moisture. With this being done the cleaning of your curtains will be complete and you will enjoy clean and good looking curtains on your windows.
As you see having clean curtains isn’t as hard as it sounds, it won’t take more than an hour per month but it will make your home much more cozy, pleasant and welcoming.