Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet CleaningCarpets in the home or office are at risk of spills and stains every single day. If one of your carpets has already fallen victim to stubborn stains or heavy soiling, you can actually deal with the situation effectively, without having to replace that piece of carpeting. The most efficient and risk-free way to remove stains and soiling from the carpet is to use professional carpet cleaning. Specialised carpet cleaning services are much more affordable and effective today than they were in the past, which is good news for you and your budget.
Such carpet cleaning treatments are much better than any conventional cleaning methods by far. In most instances, especially when it comes to stain removal, application of conventional or homemade cleaning treatments will not only drive the stain even deeper inside the carpet, or spread out, but such cleaning attempts can also cause irreversible damage or alteration to the carpet’s fibre structure and properties. Professional carpet cleaning methods are administered and applied by qualified cleaning technicians who will take under consideration the type of carpet – either natural or synthetic, the current state and age of the carpet, and of course the scale and nature of the soiling or staining sustained.
Carpet CleaningHowever, if you wish to give carpet stain removal a go of your own, you need to be very careful and patient in your efforts as rushing things will only make matters worse. If professional carpet cleaning services are a not an option for you, begin your own war against stains by getting to know the enemy. Review the stain and determine its cause. Generally, professional carpet cleaners use the following stain classification – water soluble stains, special water soluble stains, and fat/oil/wax stains. If the stain in question is recent, then you will be well aware of what caused it, thus you will be able to choose and apply the most appropriate cleaning method. In terms of technique, you should never rub or scrub a carpet stain when cleaning it, as this will only drive it further inside the carpet, and make it impossible to remove.
Instead you should blot or dab at the stain gently, and rinse the area with generous amounts of fresh water every so often whilst cleaning. Also, make your way inwards as you clean the stain, start at its fringes and work your way toward the centre, where the stain is most concentrated.