Your New Kitchen Look: Easy & Affordable

New England style kitchens are quite hip at the moment, and their worn even Spartan designs are quite attractive to many people. With all the trendy terms and catchy phrases describing the New England style kitchen, one might think they are in for the most expensive, high fashion kitchen remodelling project ever. In fact, a […]

Give Your Bathroom That Hotel Look & Feel

The bathroom is one of the key areas of the house where people are constantly looking for improvement of functionality and style. Usually, full scale bathroom makeovers can end up costing thousands, if not tens of thousands, which makes such remodelling projects not too attractive for the budget minded home renovator. Having said this, there […]

Upgraded Cleaning Supplies – Simple Innovations – Big Benefits

There are many avid home cleaners out there who like to keep their home as clean and neat as possible at all times. No matter how keen one is on house cleaning though, the process itself takes time, effort and resources. Obviously, cleaning products, materials and supplies have come a long way since the brush […]

Advanced Abrasives Allow Cleaning For More Cleaning Industry Precision

Companies and manufacturers which deal with formulating and production of special purpose cleaning products and materials, have focused their attention on abrasives, particularly abrasive materials, not products containing abrasive particles. Many of the scientist and researchers working on such concepts have come to realise that liquid or gel abrasives have reached terminal velocity. In other […]

The Next Generation of Carpet Cleaning Systems

Professional carpet cleaning has proven to be the only effective way to maintain proper hygiene throughout the depth of the carpet without damaging its appearance or characteristics. Up to now, the more widely used carpet cleaning method was steam cleaning. Indeed, steam cleaning is highly effective and provides for good level of lasting hygiene. Perhaps […]

Innovative Laundry Products

There have been many examples of innovative, highly effective laundry products through the years, though all of them have used one chemical or another to do their job properly. Chemical engineers engaged in formulating these laundry products have been looking for a way to increase the cleaning power of laundry products without use of strong […]

Ozone Cleaning Systems

Chemists and scientists engaged in the design and creation of new cleaning systems for domestic and commercial purposes have long been looking for an eco-sustainable cleaning treatment with the same high effectiveness as chemical cleaning systems. A fully comprehensive and effective cleaning system which uses nothing but natural ingredients is still in the making, but […]

Green Cleaning Products Are Going Hi-Tech

Everything seems to be going hi-tech these days, and green cleaning products make no exception. Ecofriendly cleaning systems are yesterday’s news and since their introduction, they have retained a decent portion of the cleaning products market in developed countries. Recently, chemists have decided to turn a new page in formulating domestic and industrial cleaning products, […]

Concentrated Cleaning Products

The cleaning products industry turned its eye toward concentrated cleaning products a number of years ago. Initially, many critics believed that concentrating of cleaning product formulas will only eat up more resources without giving the necessary increase in strength and effectiveness of the product. In reality, concentrated cleaning products turned out to be quite effective […]