About Cleaning London Co

“There are many cleaning companies in London that you can choose from, but not too many to rely on to do their job the right way as we do.”

Cleaning London Co LogoIn Cleaning London Co we aim to achieve total customer satisfaction. We deliver the top quality cleaning services, at the best possible price, and with excellent customer care as well. Each of our clients receives the highest quality of service, whether you only need us to clean a one bedroom flat or a large industrial building, our expert cleaners always deliver the finest results.
If you wish to make use of our domestic cleaning services, they come in two main forms, regular and one off. If you wish for us to make regular visits, we can do everything from vacuuming to cleaning windows, dusting and polishing to cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. We also offer deep cleaning, although this is usually performed on one off cleans as it does not need to be performed very often. Having said that, it is a vital part of any comprehensive cleaning program.
When you make use of our cleaning services, whatever they be and in whatever setting, you can always be sure that our professional cleaners pay close attention to detail and also work very efficiently. This means that they work quickly, but effectively, whether that be for a regular service or a one off clean.
As already mentioned, our one off cleaning services usually entail some sort of deep cleaning. This is a moreimg intensive form of cleaning and gets down to the roots of carpets and upholstery to do a proper cleaning job. Although all cleaning requires expertise and experience in order to achieve the best results, this is especially true of deep cleaning techniques. For steam cleaning, you really want it to be done by someone who really understands what they are doing. Hot water is used, and it must be at the right temperature for your carpet. It is applied at pressure, and this also has to be measured correctly. If they are done incorrectly then damage could come to your carpets. That is why our cleaners are all thoroughly trained and their vast amount of experience on the job is also so important. You can be sure that your carpets and upholstery are safe in our hands.
Our professional cleaners are really the heart of the business. They are the ones who do all of the important work and are your main point of contact with the company. We therefore select all of our London cleaners very carefully and ensure that that their training and expertise are second to none. Additionally, they must be customer focuses as a good proportion of our work is domestic cleaning which often entails direct and prolonged contact with the client. We make sure, therefore, that they are all friendly, polite and courteous while working.
If you would like to take advantage of our domestic cleaning services, commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning or any other sort of cleaning services, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have provided a free phone number so you can talk to one of our pleasant staff, go over what you need and receive a free quote for the work you want to be done.